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Small libraries like ours survive on the generosity and support of the community. We rely on our patrons and friends to support us through financial contributions, volunteer work, and by joining our Friends program.

While the Somesville Library Association gratefully receives support from the Town of Mount Desert, the majority of our operational and programming funds must be raised. We hold two major fund-raising efforts each year: our annual Books and Blueberries Sale in August and our Annual Appeal in November.

Annual Appeal

Each November, we send out an Annual Appeal to our patrons, supporters and local residents, and rely on the generosity of our visitors to help us continue our good works.  We are happy to accept any donation throughout the year, and as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, acknowledge gifts in writing.

October, 2021

Dear Friends of the Somesville Library,


In the midst of all the COVID-19 chaos, the Somesville Library has remained a steady and reliable resource in the center of our village. Here, residents and visitors alike continue to find the newest and most diverse collection of current fiction, an engaging children's room, and public services that provide fast internet, reference materials, and a helpful staff. 

During these times of shifting expectations and uncertainty, the Somesville Library has successfully adapted, despite losses of revenue from many of our traditional fundraising programs. 2021 is our Library's 125th year, and as we celebrate this impressive milestone with renewed enthusiasm and anticipation, we pledge - with your help - to continue as the valuable community resource we have always been.

As we looks towards the future and consider our mission as a vital and vibrant institution in our community, we wish to share with you some very exciting news. Thanks to the incredible generosity of one of our supporters, we have an unprecedented opportunity for building a secure future for the Library. This anonymous donor has offered to provide a 2-for-1 match for every dollar donated during our Annual Appeal fundraising drive, until the year's end. For every dollar donated, the Library will receive three, up to a maximum of $50,000! Never in our history has the Library had such an astonishing opportunity. 

Again, every dollar donated during our Annual Appeal will be matched with two additional dollars, so we ask you to give generously, and help fulfill our wonderful donor's faith in the Somesville Library. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your generous contribution is fully deductible, as permitted by law. We thank you for your support.


The Trustees of the Somesville Library

2019 Town Funding Letter



The past year has been one of growth and accomplishment, encouraged by the generous support of the Town of Mount Desert.  

Popular opinion has it that libraries must struggle to remain “relevant,” to offer “new modes of information retrieval” and to become “viable broad-band resource centers.”   New libraries, in fact, are sometimes opened completely devoid of actual books – instead they exist as electronic media hubs. By contrast, The Somesville Library makes no apologies for being a traditional, small library, equally dedicated to offering an ever-changing physical collection of books, free access to information technology, and robust engagement with our local community.  We pride ourselves on acquiring and making available the latest and best books, supporting our patrons' interests, and being the community center for Somesville.


The most important project we have undertaken in the past year is to obtain funding for a water supply. For many years our water source has been the adjacent millpond, a non-potable water supply used in our public restroom. Through grants and local support we raised funds to drill a 150-foot deep well by our front door, which will enable us to provide clean water to our patrons, hikers, bicyclists and the many visitors who stop in each year. We look forward to decreasing our environmental footprint, as well, since we will no longer need to offer free plastic-bottled drinking water! Additionally, we are engaged in an institutional energy audit, which we anticipate will lead to more efficient heating and less energy use through LED light fixtures.

We are pleased to have expanded our successful series of Winter Soup and Bread evenings, which offer generous servings of home-made soups and delicious bread (the former prepared by Trustees, the latter generously provided by Old Dog Baking Company). At evenings throughout the Winter, community members can enjoy a delicious meal and welcome some social interaction. Guests come from all over the island, and from as far away as Franklin!

While our very traditional outlook may make us appear fixed in time, nothing could be further from the truth. Under the leadership of our President, Jennifer Wales, we have strengthened our Board with challenging, young voices, actively increased our community presence and public face, and have established wide-ranging Trustee committees to ensure the institution remains relevant. We continue to welcome the students from The Community School, whose presence has encouraged us to expand our children's book collections to reflect their reading needs. We are proud of our vital little Library, and we are determined to remain an important resource center for visitors and readers of all ages.

Finally, I offer my sincere thanks to our Board and volunteers, who are strategically planning for our next 125 years of service.

Thomas V. Lange, Librarian

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library are an important group of community volunteers who support the mission and operations of our library. These dedicated volunteers help with administrative tasks, programs and events, and fundraising. 

If you have an hour, a day, or a season, we can find a way to use your talents. Our librarian will be happy to train you for projects taking from a few hours to a few weeks.


Contact our Friends of the Library program today to find your niche.