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Library Director Job Description

Job description is for informational purposes only and is subject to changes


Date: 3/29/2022

Position Title: Library Director

Reports to: Board of Trustees






Provide leadership and direction in the development of short and long range library plans. Plan and implement changes in the services provided by the library, including new services.


Advise the Board on the formulation of library policy and execute policy decisions.


Provide input into the annual budget and administer the budget once it is approved by the Board.


Maintain data about circulation and library usage (such as visits, service usage, program participation, website visits, book data).


Transfer receipts of bills and gifts of money to the Treasurer of the Board. Follow library procedures for collecting mail and the acceptance of gifts to the Library. 


Submit annual report to the Town of Mt. Desert and Maine State Library. 


Assist with the creation of Grant applications and reports.


Maintain membership in various groups such as Maine Association of Nonprofits, Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce, Maine State Library.


Participate in Library Board of Trustee meetings, preparing reports as requested. Prepare an annual report to the Board of Trustees. 


Keep abreast of current local, state and federal laws that affect the Library.


Maintain knowledge of ethics as applicable to library service, familiarity with ALA Code of Ethics, Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statements.



Manage a collection appropriate to the needs and interests of Library patrons and the community.


Oversee the selection and purchase of new books and materials for the collection, with input from patrons and board as appropropriate. Catalog and classify all incoming material, with help from volunteers if needed.


Review and remove unused books and other materials.



Welcome all patrons in a non-judgmental and respectful manner to uphold the library as a vibrant and welcoming community space. 


Plan and implement community programs and outreach programs, with the help of Board of Trustees, such as children/adult groups and programs, educational, and recreational programs. 


Maintain an environment of good public relations between the library and the surrounding communities. Oversee public relations and marketing strategies. Assist with the development of press releases and other media to inform community about programming and activities, with the help of the Board of Trustees


Coordinate library programs with outside organizations such as the Community School, historical societies and other community-based schools and groups.


Foster interlibrary cooperation and coordination on the local, regional and state level by active participation in activities when possible.


Oversee volunteer program. Supervise and train volunteers.



Routine cleaning of the building such as light dusting, emptying wastebaskets, cleaning the bathroom and disposing of outdated materials. Oversee the tasks of the housekeeping staff. 


Oversee that the library property is well maintained and report needed repairs or suggested  improvements to the Board of Trustees.



Administrative management of technology services, accounts, and usage, such as: Google Workspace, Zoom, Library Website, Social Media accounts, etc. 


Assist patrons with technology services and equipment. Oversee the proper use of the computers and other Library technology.

Engage with the community and patrons through technology, including responding library email accounts, social media messaging, and other correspondence.


Be aware of new and emerging technologies and develop plans for integration into library services. 




Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to interact successfully with the public and the Board of Trustees. 


Ability to welcome all patrons in a non-judgmental and respectful manner and to uphold the library as a vibrant and welcoming community space. 


Administrative skills such as budgeting, organization, program development, and public relations. 


Ability to manage and implement the Library's collection, including the selection and withdrawal of books, periodicals, audio-visual and electronic materials. 


Strong proficiency with technology and interest and ability to learn new technology skills.



Able to move around inside the library, navigate small spaces, and position self to access file cabinets, etc.

Operate a computer and other technology.

The ability to communicate information and ideas so others will understand.

The ability to observe details at close range.

Move and transport small boxes and items weighing up to 20 lbs. Place and remove books on shelves positioned both above and below eye level.

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